Hero of the Day: 9-Year-Old Boy Saves Brother’s Life with CPR


Nine-year-old Logan Hearn learned CPR and used it to save his little brother, Brendan on Thursday after his mother found him floating in the family pool.

Logan Hearn, 9, performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on his 2-year-old brother after the toddler fell into a pool and was found unconscious by his family.

Brendan Hearn had sneaked outside his family’s Joliet home and had fallen in the backyard pool. His mother noticed that he was not in the house, and found him less than two minutes later.  “I just had a sick feeling that he was in the pool. My first thought was to look in the pool,” said Tabitha Hearn, the boys’ mother. “I looked there, and I saw him, floating, face down, blue, unresponsive.”

Tabitha panicked, but was able to get Brendan out of the water. She placed him right beside the pool, and called 911.  Logan had been trained in CPR, she said.  As Brendan lay unresponsive, Logan approached his mother and said he would take over.  “I just said, ‘Move,’” Logan said.  His efforts worked.  Brendan was resuscitated and is doing well.

Source: http://www.goodnewsdaily.com


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