Laid-Off Workers Standing Strong


With plenty of spare time and a deep sense of community and hope, a group of laid-off workers have banded together to help their community.  This highly valuable Portland, Oregon organization has grown to more than 100 members and has taken part in more than 60 community projects. 

“Imagine, you lose your job and now there is little or no money coming into the household. Now imagine, your roof starts leaking or your sink backs up. Now, not only do you have a potential emergency on your hands, but you have no money to hire someone to fix it. That’s why our mission was to offer anyone help, of any kind. From fixing a broken fence to putting on a new roof. From replacing an outlet to helping with yard work. Whatever the task, we wanted to assist anyone who asked for help…”

 “We realize that every single one of us has something to offer. Every person on Earth has a skill or some experience that can help someone else. In these dark times, we need to stand together, act together and help one another in our greatest time of need.”

 For more information, great ideas and a list of these inspiring projects check out their blog @

 Find volunteer opportunities in your own area through


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