Gifted at Giving

With a big heart and a hefty amount of determination, an eleven-year-old fifth-grader leads her school in philanthropy.


Kayla Matzek, a fifth-grader at Kingston Elementary School in Hesperia, California, felt moved to help when she discovered that a young boy with leukemia was in need.  She began by selling Otter Pops in her front yard, along with holding car washes after school.  Young Matzek put her fundraising goal at $1,000 when she decided to hold a school-wide fundraiser.  Matzek organized a committee with six other students and actively worked at achieving her goal.

Matzek collected over $1,200 to help Evan Hutchison, a 9-year old boy battling high-risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia.  Many students and their families contributed to Matzek’s fundraising efforts.  One family brought in a box of more than $200 in change into the classroom, explaining that their family had decided to use the funds to help Hutchison instead of putting it toward their family vacation.

“It was fun, and it felt good to help other people.” –Kayla Matzek


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