Hooray for LIFELONG Learning!!

96-Year-Old Grad Student

Chao Mu-he

In Taipei, Taiwan, 96-year-old Chao Mu-he received his master’s degree in philosophy this past weekend.  Better known to his classmates at Nanhua University as “Grandpa Chao,” this lifelong learner decided to begin graduate school after being told he was too old to continue as a volunteer at a local hospital. In order to withstand the demand of his classes, Chao said he was able to compete with younger students who had a better memory than his own by “pulling all-nighters before exams.”  Students commented on “Grandpa Chao” as “a polite and modest man, who got on well with fellow students and paid great respect to younger teachers — making a deep bow before addressing them.”

Born on July 4, 1912, Chao Mu-he just might be the oldest student to obtain a master’s degree.  Chao is uncertain about his future plans, but states that he just wants “to stay healthy.”


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