Creating Jobs While Helping the Environment

planting seeds

Mr. Mark Woyongo, Upper East Regional Minister of Ghana, has announced that 26.6 million tree seedlings of various species will be grown over 49 acres of land all over the country this year. This event will create an estimated 12,600 jobs for youth as well as 160,000 metric tons of food crops.  Minister Woyongo has spoken of the severe poverty situation in the rural parts of northern Ghana and supports tree growing as a means of providing good income to many families.

Minster Woyongo commended VSO, a six month volunteer exchange program that promotes volunteering to fight global poverty and disadvantage, for including tree growing and environmental protection in its programs.  He urged the youth who had been trained through this exchange program to teach and encourage basic school pupils in positive environmental practices to work hard and inculcate a lasting sense of awareness of environmental protection in the young people.

Mr. Amidu Tanko, country director of VSO, said the volunteers teach and also work in the communities involved.  VSO was launched on the theme, “Education and Climate Change, Securing the Livelihood of Future Generations.”  It seeks to bring the youth from Ghana and the United Kingdom together and give them the opportunity to do practical work in communities in the two countries, creating a healthier and stronger society.


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