The Reports Are In: 1 Million More Americans Volunteered In 2008


A million more Americans took time out of their schedules to volunteer in 2008 than they did the year before even though the economy was in a downturn. A report by the government-run Corporation for National and Community Service showed that 61.8 million Americans volunteered in 2008, the largest number since 2005.

Americans spent around 8.1 billion hours of service last year, totaling an estimated donation of $162 billion in volunteer activity. The top volunteer activity was fundraising, with collecting and distributing food coming in second, general labor third and tutoring/teaching fourth.  Americans may be short on spending money these days, but they don’t appear to be short on time or compassion.

Side Note: California had the largest number of volunteers per state, with about 7.1 million in 2008.


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