Best Days for Shopping Discounts


Of course you don’t want to pass up the “on sale” offers, but there is a pattern to be aware of for the best shopping discounts.  By choosing the right day of the week to make your purchases, you can make your money last a bit longer. 

  1. Airplane Tickets: Wednesday Mornings
  2. Hotels: Sundays
  3. Gas: Thursday Mornings Before 10am
  4. Buying a Car: Monday Mornings in September
  5. Dining Out: Tuesdays
  6. Groceries: Sundays
  7. Entertainment: Wednesdays
  8. Clothes: Thursday Nights
  9. Department-Store Wares: Saturday Nights
  10. Books: Thursdays

 For descriptions of why these days are best, watch the ABC News special @


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  1. This is a fab! I never even thought of half the items for discounts although I am pleased that I already do the grocery shopping on a Sunday and generally do get discounts. Thanks!

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