9-Year-Old Warms Hearts (and Feet) of Homeless


“On a chilly Thanksgiving Day in 2004, a young Hannah Turner was helping her mother serve meals at a homeless shelter when she saw something worrisome: a man with ripped shoes and no socks. Pulling off her sneakers, she offered him her tiny pink socks. The next day, she and her mother donated 100 pairs of brand-new socks to the shelter.  Hannah’s Socks was born. A nonprofit organization with the philosophy that ‘no man, woman or child should go without something as basic as a pair of socks,’ Hannah’s Socks has already collected and donated 100,000 pairs of socks to neighbors in need.  It’s all a continuing effort to realize Hannah’s wish: “I want them to know we care.”

 To find out more about donating socks, go to hannahssocks.org

 Source: Better Homes and Gardens November. 2009


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