Boy Paints like Old Master

British Child Prodigy Compared to Picasso

His pictures cost $1500 and have made him over $50,000, there are over 600 people on a waiting list to buy them, and his second exhibition sold out in 14 minutes. What’s even more impressive is that this artist named Kieron Williamson is only seven years old!

It all began almost by accident. Just two years ago, a serious accident forced Kieron’s dad Keith to stop working as an electrician. Keith turned his hobby – collecting art – into an occupation. Confined to an apartment with no garden and surrounded by paintings, Kieron decided to take up drawing. Father and son learning about art together.

At first, Kieron’s art was pretty much like any other five-year-old’s. But he quickly progressed and was soon asking questions that his parents couldn’t answer. “Kieron wanted to know the technicalities of art and how to put a painting together,” says Michelle. One local artist, Carol Ann Pennington, offered him some tips. Since then, he has had lessons with other Norfolk-based painters, including Brian Ryder and his favorite, Tony Garner.

Garner, a professional artist, has taught more than 1,000 adults over the last few decades and Kieron, he says, is head and shoulders above everyone. “He doesn’t say very much, he doesn’t ask very much, he just looks. He’s a very visual learner…It might be a bit naive at the moment but there’s a lovely freshness about what he does. The confidence that this little chap has got – he just doesn’t see any danger.”

Kieron explains he is sticking to landscapes for now, but plans to paint a portrait of his 98-year-old grandmother when she turns 100. What does he think about people spending so much money on his paintings? “Really good.”

Kieron’s tips for landscape painting:

1 “Go on holiday to where you really want to go, and be inspired.”

2 “Start with acrylics, then watercolours, then pastels and then oils.”

3 “When you set out to do a landscape, “start with the sky first, top to bottom.”

4 “When you do distance, it’s lighter, and when you do foreground it comes darker.”

5 “If you’re doing a figure in the winter, do a brown head, leave a small gap, do a blue jacket and brown legs. Then with the gap get a red pastel and do a flick of red so it looks like a scarf.”

6 “Keep on painting.”



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