10 Companies Hiring Right Now

Some rays of light in the dim U.S. jobs picture are coming from well-known large companies.  According to Indeed.com, a six-year-old website that aggregates job postings, there are tens of thousands of jobs listed.

Indeed.com culls listings from a plethora of job websites large and small, including the behemoths CareerBuilder and Monster, from online newspapers and classified ads and from companies’ own sites. Indeed.com’s users can slice and dice the listings in myriad ways, including by geographic area, profession, company name, salary range, part- or full-time job and permanent or temporary work.

Largest Hiring-Ranking Companies:

1. Blockbuster

2. Lowe’s

3. McDonald’s

4. Petco

5. J.P. Morgan Chase

6. Bank of America

7. Department of Veterans Affairs

8. Lockheed Martin

9. Fastenal

10. Wells Fargo

Source: msnbc.com


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