Celebration Cruise Line Sends Young Cancer Patients on Free Cruise

It’s very grueling on a family with a child battling cancer. But thanks to Celebration Cruise Line, some families got to enjoy some much need R & R – all for free.

CJ George loves to cruise. Last year, he and his family took an all-expense paid treat on the Bahamas Celebration. “I really hope I can come again, and this won’t be my last because I love it so much,” said CJ. CJ is battling Lymphoma Blood Cancer. After receiving the devastating news, CJ began two years of chemotherapy where he learned his best weapon was joining forces with kids battling the same disease. In fact, he invited some of those kids and their families to cruise with him!

“They don’t have to worry about anything because the ship has already taken care of it,” said CJ’s mom, Dawn George. Dawn founded “Children Battling Cancer,” a support organization which bridges the gap between the community and families raising children with cancer. Through her organization, Celebration Cruise Line sends a family a month on a free trip.

Source: http://www.wflx.com


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