How Would You Design a Better New York City?

From April 11th through the 30th, a design institution is asking everyone to share their ideas about where the greatest opportunities are for improvement around New York city. From local issues like streetscapes and parks all the way up to big systems like transportation and garbage disposal, they want to know what you think needs a fresh look.

Some of the most innovative architects and planners are in on this event. In May, they will rally the international design community to create proposals for many of your suggested sites and situations. Then they’ll gather everything together, publish an atlas of opportunity for the future for the city, and celebrate this collective civic vision at the first-ever Urban Design Week festival from September 15–20, 2011.

Post your ideas at By the City/For the City and have designers around the world tackle your problems! Designers will address the opportunities they find most interesting. Once you’ve shared an idea, invite your friends, family, and neighbors to comment and vote on your suggestion. That way, designers will be able to see that people are excited about your idea, and you’re much more likely to get design responses.

Who are the organizations behind this?

Institute for Urban Design:

For thirty years the Institute for Urban Design has positioned itself as a central platform for debate over issues related to urban planning, development, and design. By creating a common territory for architects, planners, policy-makers, developers, academics, journalists, and urban enthusiasts, we acknowledge that to ensure quality in planning and urban design, a dialogue must emerge that represents the diversity of stakeholder voices affected by urban development. Learn more at

Project for Public Spaces:

An international non-profit planning and design organization with project experience in over 40 countries and 2,500
communities. Learn more at



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