Women Who Were Best Friends for 16 Years Discover They are Long-Lost Sisters

Best friends for 16 years, two women discover that they are half-sisters after Alison, right, tracked down her birth mother.
Best friends for 16 years, two women discover that they are half-sisters after Alison, right, tracked down her birth mother.

Two best friends who have known each other 16 years have made an amazing discovery: they are sisters. Alison Slavin, 41, and Sam Davies, 43, found they share the same father after adopted child Alison tracked down her biological mother.

The pair from Bristol, UK never suspected they were related despite living remarkably similar lives – they look alike, have similar taste in clothes, both work as nannies, have two children and live less than a mile apart. Alison made the discovery when a friend helped her trace her birth mother, who revealed her natural father was called Terry Cox. She immediately recognized it as the name of Sam’s father and DNA tests later confirmed the pair are half sisters.

Alison, who was a bridesmaid at Sam’s wedding, said: “We had joked in the past we were sisters as people used to always ask us if we were, saying we looked alike. But I was shocked to find out we were actually half sisters. I could not get hold of Sam by phone so I texted her the words: Hello Sis!”

The pair met in 1993 through a mutual friend and soon became best friends. Having had a happy upbringing with her adoptive parents, Alison felt no need to trace her birth family. “I was adopted from birth and never looked into my natural parents because I had a lovely and fantastic childhood so I didn’t feel the need,” Alison said. That was until she got talking to a friend in February this year who said she may know how to trace her birth mother. A few weeks later the friend supplied a phone number. Alison said she nervously met her mother after getting in touch by telephone, but never expected this second twist in the tale. “She told me she was 19 when she put me up for adoption and gave me the news that my biological father was Terry Cox.” Alison recognized the name instantly as being the same as Sam’s father’s. “I felt the color drain from my face: that was Sam’s biological father’s name. What were the chances of this being the same chap as Sam’s father, but he was.”

Alison explained everything and I just thought, “Wow,” Sam said. “I had always wanted a sister, and what better sister could I have than my best friend? Two weeks ago we had DNA tests back which confirmed we are related. Both of us have had happy childhoods so I suppose this is just the icing on the cake. Second to getting married and giving birth to my children, it was the most exciting thing I have ever been told.”

Source: /www.dailymail.co.uk


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