Can’t Keep a Good Man…or Woman Down

Fireworks, picnics, BBQ’s and lazy days on the beach are all great ways to spend Independence Day. However, let us remember all the generations of men and women that have served and are serving to protect our country so that we may continue to sing “For the land of the free …”

Often times our servicemen come home to a very different place—especially if they are one of the 40,000 who have been injured or one of the other 300,000 suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

For the founders of the Wounded Warrior Project, that scenario was all too real. The veterans and their friends were impacted by the stories of wounded service members who had served in Afghanistan and Iraq and they wanted to help. What began with providing injured vets and their families with simple comfort items has blossomed into a full nonprofit rehabilitation program. The organization has 13 different programs that provide aid in every part of a wounded veteran’s life—mind, body, finances, and relationships.

Let’s celebrate this Fourth of July and salute those that have fought so bravely to protect our country and welcome them back to USA.  You can Purchase a Pack (backpacks filled with new clothing, toiletries, and playing cards), make a donation in someone’s honor, or take a look at the many other ways you could help WWP.



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