Everyday Warriors

In Lionsgate’s new film, WARRIOR, Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton star as two brothers from a conflicted past who must confront each other in the ring, battling as skilled martial artists.

Compelling, right? Yep, we’re going to see it, too. But the minds behind the film know that warriors in the real world don’t always get to go head-to-head in a ring. Most of the time, warriors are in board meetings, working to change legislation, or running a charity for causes they believe in, or putting their lives on the line, fighting fires in their neighborhoods. Real warriors are changing their communities – and the world.

As part of the “We Are Warriors” initiative, it’s time to call attention to these unsung heroes. Nominate someone that you see working to affect change by uploading a video to the WARRIOR website and answering the question, “What do you fight for?” The video will be shown to thousands of viewers across Lionsgate’s social media channels.

The winning warrior gets a hometown screening of WARRIOR for himself or herself—and 200 guests. Now that’s a party! Nominations are open until August 29th, so get those video cameras rolling. Bet you know a warrior working to make a difference in the world. Hey, maybe it’s you…

Source: http://www.getmilkshake.com


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