Actor Ryan Gosling Stops New York Street Fight

It’s always good news when you hear of someone who puts themselves in the line of fire to break up a public brawl. What might make it even better? How about if the hero is one of your favorite actors? Yep, I think that might do it…

Ryan Gosling posed as a hero in real life, stopping a New York City street fight over the weekend. He was walking down the street in the East Village when he came upon an escalating scuffle and immediately intervened. The 31-year-old actor dropped his bags on the ground, pulling an aggravated man to the side.

The whole scene was captured on video, thanks to a bystander who began squealing after she learned of the actor’s identity. Gosling is currently in New York City filming “The Place Beyond the Pines,” a film due out in 2013 starring the Canadian actor along with Bradley Cooper, Rose Byrne and Eva Mendes.



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