End Malaria Day is Here

In the time it takes you to read this post, a child will have been killed by malaria. But by the end of this post, you will learn how to save another child from dying.

$20 from the sale of every book End Malaria (100% of the Kindle price and 80% of the hardcover price) will be donated to Malaria No More, whose mission it is to end malaria deaths in Africa by the year 2015. Your $20 sends a mosquito net to a family in need to support the fight against malaria.

The page-turner features 62 essays written by America’s most treasured business authors, on the topic of great work and how to do more of the stuff that truly matters in life. Divided into three sections: Focus, Courage and Resilience, in which luminaries inspire you to seek answers to everyday dilemmas from within, motivating you to bring your desires to fruition, the compilation will change your life as well.

The hope is that this book smart campaign results in unprecedented ‘net’ profits.

 To learn more about Malaria or to get involved in other ways, visit http://www.malarianomore.org/.

 Source: http://www.getmilkshake.com


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