Spotlight on is a website that aims to promote social change by the use of online petitions. Its stated mission is to “empower anyone, anywhere to start, join, and win campaigns for social change.” In addition, “millions of people sign petitions on each month on thousands of issues, winning campaigns every day to advance change locally and globally.” Their top causes range from economic and criminal justice, human rights, education, the environment, animals, health, and sustainable food. claims over 100 successful campaigns so far. There is power in the people!

Success Story Example

On October 1, 2011 Molly Katchpole, a “22 year old nanny with two jobs” in Washington DC, started a petition on “asking Bank of America and their CEO Bryan Moynihan to drop its unexpected new $5/month banking fee” for debit card customers. Less than 1 month later, 300,000 signatures were collected and resulted in Bank of America formally announcing to drop the new banking fee. President Barack Obama signed the petition, US Senator Durbin, Illinois responded to Bank of America and the petition on Twitter, and it prompted Congress to “look at legislation for out-of-control banking fees.”

Check it out and see what causes you’d like to be a part of – there are many! Visit



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