7 True Stories of Animals Rescuing People from Certain Death

Animals have a knack for saving other animals, but they’ve also been known to put themselves in the line of danger for humans too.

#7. Lions Save Girl from Kidnappers

A 12-year-old Kenyan girl had been abducted by several men. When the authorities finally found her a week later, she was alone, her kidnappers having fled. Instead, she was surrounded by three lions that had scared away her captors. The police said that the lions had been guarding her for about half a day when they got there, not only abstaining from eating the little girl themselves, but also making sure that nothing else got close to her. When the police finally arrived, the lions departed. Experts say that the lions might have been reacting to the girl’s tears as if they were the mews of a lion cub.

#6. Gorilla Saves 3-Year-Old Boy

A three-year-old boy went right into a gorilla enclosure when he fell over the fence. The 18-foot drop left him unconscious and with a critical head injury. Since gorillas can be dangerously aggressive with their territory the police were barred from immediate action. Binti, one of the gorillas in the enclosure went to the boy’s aid by cradling him in her arms and then bringing him to the enclosure door, where paramedics could get to him. The police and staff were quick to note that without Binti’s assistance, the situation could have been much worse.

Back in the 1980s, another incident occurred where a child fell into a gorilla enclosure. That time, the gorilla was a male silverback who watched over the unconscious boy and led away the rest of his troop when paramedics arrived.

#5. Whale Saves Drowning Diver

The Polarland Aquariam in Harbin, China held a free diving contest in their 20-foot-deep, arctic-temperature whale tank with seven divers who were not allowed to use a breathing apparatus. 26-year-old Yang Yun was one of the seven divers to participate. Upon reaching the bottom of the pool, her leg cramped and prevented her from swimming properly. In her panic, she began to choke. Mila, one of the two beluga whales in the tank swam to her rescue. Mila grabbed Yang Yun’s leg with her mouth and started forcefully pushing her to the surface. The diver survived, and likely wouldn’t have without Mila’s help.

#4. Pig Saves Owner from Heart Attack

LuLu the potbellied pig bolted for help when Jo Ann had a heart attack. The problem was that she had never left the fenced yard before. How would a 150-pound ham ball manage a fence latch? Somehow, LuLu did it. She escaped her yard and found a highway. She waited for a car to come by, then walked out into the middle of the road and laid down to try to get the cars to stop. When someone finally did stop, he followed LuLu back to the house and discovered that Jo Ann had suffered a heart attack. He immediately called the paramedics, and Jo Ann was saved. As a reward, LuLu received her favorite treat: a jelly doughnut.

#3. Woman Saved from Raging Cow by Horse

Fiona Boyd, a farmer in Scotland, was severely attacked and trampled by a mother cow. Just as Fiona thought she had no hope left, her mare, Kerry, heard her cries from nearby and ran to her aid. Kerry began kicking the cow into submission. Kerry ended up giving Fiona enough time to crawl to safety.

#2. Rabbit Saves Man from Diabetic Coma

Simon Steggall fell into a potentially lethal diabetic coma on his couch in his home in Cambridgeshire, England. Victoria, his wife, was in the vicinity when it happened, but she was under the impression that he had fallen asleep on the couch after a hard day at work. It was Dory, the couple’s house rabbit, who sensed something wrong and hopped on top of Simon. She began to thump around emphatically and lick at Simon’s mouth aggressively.

Victoria soon saw Dory’s odd behavior and figured out that the rabbit somehow had a more acute sense of her husband’s dire medical state than she did. She called the paramedics, and Simon’s life was saved.

#1. Dolphins Are the Angels of the Ocean

In 2004, four lifeguards were swimming off the coast of New Zealand when a pod of dolphins surrounded them underwater. One of the dolphins jumped out of the water and surfaced in the direction of a 10-foot-long great white shark. As the shark caught sight of the lifeguards, he darted for them, but the dolphins started swimming in a frenzy, blocking his way. The dolphins swam around for close to 40 minutes like this, while the lifeguards swam to safety.

Almost the exact same thing happened a few years later. In 2007, a man named Todd Endris was surfing when a great white knocked him off his board. After taking a bite out of Todd, the shark was then warded off by a pod of dolphins that surrounded Todd until he got to shore and was assisted by his friend. Scientists aren’t sure why dolphins save people, but they definitely agree that they have the intelligence to do it.

Source: http://www.cracked.com



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