Blind, Deaf, 3-Legged Dog Named ‘True’ Saves Oklahoma Family from House Fire

Katie Crosley and her baby son, Jace, lost everything in a house fire, but they survived thanks to a heroic three-legged, blind and deaf dog. Crosley had no idea that an electrical short set her Grady County, Oklahoma, cabin aflame as she slept soundly on Sunday morning, but her disabled Dachshund, True, sensed the danger. The rescue dog woke his owner, giving her just enough time to get out of her burning house with her baby.

“We’re thankful for him,” Corsley said. “This could have been a bad deal.” True was able to save his family despite his severe disabilities, and he’s not the only adopted dog out there protecting their owners. Tank, a 7-month-old Boxer-Mastiff mix, instinctively knew to get his owner’s attention when he noticed a fire in the North Carolina family’s laundry room. Russell and Krystal Ewing first thought the rescue dog, which they adopted just days before he was about to be put down, had to go outside. But once they saw the flames, they realized Tank was trying to alert them. “He definitely did the return, without a doubt, and rescued us,” Russell said.



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