Unexpected Support Given to Disabled Basketball Player Stuns Crowd

A powerful moment at a high school basketball match took the internet by storm and has resurfaced recently, warming hearts around the globe. Mitchell Marcus, a team manager for Coronado High’s basketball team in El Paso, Texas, who also happens to have a developmental disability, suited up at word of his coach to enter the game as thanks for all his hard work and inspiration. As the crowd chanted his name, Marcus’ teammates tried to set him up for easy baskets. After missing a number of wide open shots he started to get discouraged. Rival player Jonathon Montanez inbounded the ball near Coronado High’s net. Montanez called Marcus’ name to get his attention, then gave him a soft bounce pass. Mitchell caught the ball, dribbled, turned around and sank a layup as the crowd went wild. Fans stormed the court and hoisted Marcus onto their shoulders. “I think I’ll cry about it for the rest of my life,” Marcus’ mom said.

Watch the video footage here.


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