Coldplay Donates £1 Million to Charity

The Band Coldplay Helps A London-Based Children's Organization
The Band Coldplay Helps A London-Based Children's Organization

British rock band Coldplay has just donated £1 million to a children’s charity called Kids Company. The South London based charity works to give educational, emotional and practical support to inner-city kids. The band made the generous gift after many visits to the charity’s various centers.  Coldplay also mentioned plans to give music lessons to the children.  Founder Camilla Batmanghelidjh reported that she ‘got the feeling the donation was something they had planned from the start of their careers.’

Kids Company, running since 1996, works with children and young people who live in severe deprivation with little or no support from parents or guardians. Their aim is to provide an environment where relationships of empathy and attachment can be fostered between children and trusted adults. More than 12,000 children and young people have accessed their services.



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