Jobless Man Uncovers Buried Treasure

Exquisitely crafted gem-encrusted pieces from the 7th century Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia were recently discovered.
Recent discovery from 7th century Anglo-Saxon Kingdom of Mercia astounds archeologists.

An unemployed British man discovered a treasure worth millions with a used metal detector he bought for about six dollars.  This discovery is one of the most amazing finds of Anglo-Saxon treasure ever unearthed.  Eleven pounds of gold and five pounds of sliver make up the 1500 exquisitely crafted gem-encrusted pieces.  This historic treasure includes golden military helmets inscribed with biblical scriptures.  They tell a story of England in the 7th century and the Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Mercia.  This is the stuff of treasure hunters and archeologist’s dreams.

To watch the msnbc video coverage of the story visit:


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