30 Top Surgeons Give 200 Kids a Better Life


30 top surgeons from India, UK and the USA will begin their efforts to conduct about 30 surgeries a day, free of cost, for children in need.  200 poor children have come to Bangalore (Bengaluru, Karnataka India) to receive care. 

The Sparsh Hospital welcomed the foreign specialists who had flown down at their own cost, bringing with them their medical equipment. Some of the complex musculoskeletal abnormalities that will be tackled include: club foot, cerebral palsy, congenital dislocation of the hips and gross deformity correction. Sparsh Vachana, the initiative inspired by Lakshmi Tatma, aims to bring the world’s best medical care to the doorsteps of those who are in great need.

“We had successfully operated on an ischiopagus conjoined twin called Lakshmi Tatma in November, 2007. The entire cost of the treatment was written off by the charitable wing of the hospital, SPARSH Foundation. Since then, we have had a large number of children come to us from very humble backgrounds with complex problems. So we embarked on a massive operation…’’ – Chairman and chief orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Sharan Patil


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