Hero Nanny Runs Barefoot Through Flames to Save Boy

Alyson Myatt, 22, suffered third-degree burns on both feet and second- and third-degree burns to her hand when she braved 400-degree flames to save Aden Hawes, 5. The boy’s father, J.B. Hawes was not at home.

Around 3 a.m. a broken ventilation fan in an upstairs bathroom had overheated and caught fire. Alyson Myatt, a 22-year-old live-in nanny whose room was in the basement of the house, doused the small fire with water and called Hawes to report the problem. Both agreed that the fire was out.  But at 6 a.m. Myatt awoke to a crashing boom and wailing smoke alarms. Myatt jumped out of bed and rushed upstairs in her bare feet. “Before I had even looked at the fire or anything, I was yelling for Aden. He said he was in his room underneath the covers.” To get to him, Myatt had to run through the burning carpeting with nothing on her feet.  “I didn’t even think about me getting hurt or getting burned,” Myatt said. “I really didn’t even think that I was barefoot.”

If Myatt had called the fire department and waited for them to rescue Aden, the boy would be dead, Chief Tucker said.  Pictures of the house show a forest of charred studs where the upstairs hallway and Aden’s room used to be. The entire upstairs was consumed.

“There’s no words to put how grateful I am to have my son with me, how grateful I am to have Alyson in our world, and it’s just one of those things you can’t put any value on,” Aden’s single-parent father, J.B. Hawes said. “There’s no price to be paid. It’s a debt that will never be able to be repaid.”  Hawes said he had interviewed five other candidates for the nanny’s job before Myatt.  “God brought her into our world, that’s for sure…To realize what she did, saved my son’s life, you can’t thank someone for that. There’s nothing you can do to repay them for taking that kind of a risk.”

Aden said he is looking forward to doing puzzles with Myatt again and reading books with her.  “I love her so much,” Aden said, as he snuggled under her left arm and looked up at her frequently, caressing her fingers.  The words made the 22-year-old Myatt smile and choke back her tears. Fire officials said there’s no question that Myatt’s fearless actions saved Aden’s life and allowed him to come through the experience completely unscathed.

Source: http://www.today.msnbc.msn.com


(4/20/2010) As announced on Ellen , Tonic has pledged $20,000 to Alyson Myatt – and they’re hoping that at least 1,000 of their readers, and Ellen‘s viewers, will chip in just $10 each to foot the bill. Pankaj Shah, Tonic developer, will match every contribution made up to $10,000 so they can hit and hopefully exceed the target.



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