24 Texas Rescue Photos That are the Epitome of Courage & Compassion After Hurricane Harvey

Tropical Storm Harvey has devastated Southeast Texas cities, and many of the photos from the epicenter of the storm are truly heartbreaking. They depict homes completely submerged underwater, families searching for shelter, and elderly individuals suffering in drowning nursing homes.

But in the midst of this devastation, there have also been many moments of triumph. Emergency personnel and Texas residents have come together to rescue those in need, and these photos remind us what people are made of. Citizens from near and far have stepped up to assist in any way possible. Their courage and compassion inspires us all.

29HarveyMoment_xp-master7682017-08-30-2f-62d506ff5e5c49d1941439e9bd030c34.00c18Louis Marquezdd0d92f5-bf3b-436d-b488-b164dd022eb0-getty-839917932image

Source: bustle.com


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