College Girl Gives Up Free Time to Show Special Needs Kids That They Can Dance

The Chance to Dance troupe of Lexington, Kentucky is made up entirely of kids and adults with special needs. The troupe is led by the University of Kentucky College of Education student Jenna Lyon. The youth had originally started the free dance program when she was still in high school four years ago – but has continued to keep the group together despite her life changes and college pursuits. After watching this clip of the kids and their beloved teacher, it is not hard to understand why.

“Chance to Dance was founded on the platform that our student’s families would not have to pay for classes or costumes because we did not want expenses to keep anyone from participating in our program,” says Lyon. “In addition to the medical bills, child care and therapies that our families have to pay for for their children, we did not want A Chance to Dance to be added as another expense… Our students have shown me that they are just like any other person and are capable of accomplishing anything regardless of their disability. Some of our students might need a little extra help or guidance, but I have watched their determination and resilience help them achieve anything they set their mind to.”

Watch Video Here



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